when anxiety hits you, its up to you to be the better person.
yudith Female
27 years old
burnet, Texas
United States

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Job: Student
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Religion: Catholic
Orientation: Straight
Dating status: Single
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Sylvester Stallone movies

Pop, reggae, rock but mostly music in Spanish

Not a big fan of books except when I have a text book

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Members In Need , Anxiety/panic attacks/ fear

I'm just a girl that suffers from anxiety attacks sometimes
so bad i just feel miserable. This is bad because i have so many thing i want to do but anxiety is keeping me from doing thm. I just feel like i dont have a life. Im also afraid to date any one because i dont want to drag anybody to this miserable life of mine.

Movies mostly
Fashion design
Pattern making
Everything that the mind thinks and hands create

Having anxiety attacks

I'm a crafty person and I'm open to ideas

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Jul 21 2014, 1:29 pm
that is so awesome! do u do it for a job? i loveeeeee silk. I wish i could have a long silk dress. if i ever got engaged mermaid style . anything silk I'm obsessed with or satin . its the best feeling


Jul 20 2014, 1:17 am
why don't you do accounting then? get more $, don't wear yourself out on 12 hr shifts, all in all if you love maths you should go with it. I don't hate maths, but that's about it. Only doing an accounting degree because i work in an office and it's a way to go up the pay scale.


Jul 19 2014, 1:00 am
hey girl how are u? who taught u how to sew? I've always wanted a one of a kind dress hmmm teach me or maybe you can make me one LOL. i love to design my hands aren't as crafty though i do paint and make other stuff


Jul 09 2014, 7:34 pm
Thank you for your message, i didn't notice it until today. Lol How are you doing?



From: delane
Jul 07 2014, 4:49 pm
that's cool...just do what YOU can do!!