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Created: Nov 13, 2012
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free conference call in telephone support group

 Social Anxiety Bootcamp is a free conference call in telephone support group, designed to assist in curing Social Anxiety. Social Anxiety Bootcamp doesn't rely on a "higher power" to heal our phobia. Instead, we use a system of therapy called "Cognitive Therapy". In Cognitive Therapy, we will put our "social skills" to the test, in simulated real life events.

   The basis of these events will be established in a controlled type of environment. Order must be kept to achieve an outcome for over-coming this fear. This environment, will have a social order (much like you WILL AND DO, experience in your day to day lives). Of course, we will someone in charge of the group. The person who is in charge will give out group times, give homework assignments, and control the group. This person must be listened to so as to maintain group order. Leadership positions will be gained through a system of tests and performances. For example, you may be given an assignment to give a 7 minutes speech to the group on Wednesday. This system is not to degrade anyone. However, the point of the group is to get something out of it, not to further our problems.

   You will have to commit to groups. In my last group, the call volume was practically zero. In this group, you will be required to create an account and attend groups. If you miss 3 commits, you profile will be banned. Once again, just as in real life, you are required to be where you need to be at the time you need to be there. Keep in mind, all groups will be planned and will follow a schedule. Speeches, presentations, and plays will be posted on the Bootcamp Board and will have the deadline of when the event is due.

   This group is completely anonymous and at no time should you give out any personal information to anyone in the group, (including group leaders). There will be no exceptions to this rule, and if you break this rule, you will be kicked out of the group. Everyone will receive a "Pledge", a fictional character who will be your alias throughout the project. "Your character", will come with a name, hobbies, and personal information. Your pledge will start at a rank of 0. As your character gains rank through completing assignments, you will also gain with that, responsibility (JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE).


Website :www.sabootcamp.net

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