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Created: Nov 29, 2007
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The World is but a Canvas to our Imagination.

Welcome to Poetry: Great and Small. Here is a small little slice of the world that you can feel safe and open in. Weather you are an amature or avanced reader/writer. You are all welcome. You may post any writings that you have and would like to share with the community. I would like to set up 4 ground rules that I would appreciate be followed.

First, you may post as many poems and writings as you'd like. But i do ask that for every 1 creation you post you at least comment on one fellow writers work. Everyone would like to be felt as though they are worthy of comment.

Second, there will be no offensive or hurtful comments allowed. Constructive critisism is a necissary and sometimes hard to swallow part of writing but if it becomes an arguement or an attack on someones work for any reason there will be warnings and consequences. Please respect all others for the individuals they are. Poetry is an expression of something much deeper and should be respect as such.

Third, nothing in this room should ever leave this room. Posting of a peice of work should remain that persons work. If it is found out that there is someone in here plagiarizing you will be immediatly removed from the group. No questions asked.

Fourth, please have fun. This should be a place to openly experiment with different syles, forms and rhythms.


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