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POSTED BY: toughnut211 on Jul 23, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

We need a lot more activity here.  Could everyone share a really good story?  I love a good animal story!  Funny, touching, sad, overcoming something, or NOT overcoming something---please share your stories!  Here's mine:


When I was a kid, our cat had kittens on the floor of my dad's closet.  Mom said we had to give them and the mother away.  We whined just enough and we got to keep one of them.  We named him Shep.  Remember George of the Jungle and his elephant Shep?  That's who we named him after!  We never told Shep he was a cat--he thought he was a dog.   He came to a whistle.  He kicked the butt of every cat in the neighborhood.  He was HUGE, but still tried to sleep in shoebox, oozing over the sides.  He'd get in the middle of bed and let us make the whole bed over him--sheets and all.  Of course, no one could see him!  (What 30 pound lump in the middle of the bed???)  As we grew up, Shep would wait outside for my sister and I to come home from dates. He was such great pet!  He died from eating a sick pigeon--gluttony killed him, I guess. 

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POSTED BY: Junlew on Jul 24, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

I can give you a animal story...My sister begged my parents to let her get a dog, which they gave in...well we got him and named him Mork  (from the Mork and Mindy show, okay showing my age here, lol...) well to say my sister cared for the dog for  a short time but he became attached to me and my dad....He was so snobby though as he aged, he used to walk down the street if someone forgot to close the gate and ignore everyone calling him and ignoring the other dogs on street -he would go to corner of street turn around and come back- neighbors would call and say he is out walking again...He knew where the gate line was in the yard and he would sit in the same spot all the time he would sit at the same spot even if the gate was open..he never jumped, hardly barked (unless he had reason too)  He had a blanket crochet for him-yes he loved it, laying on couch under blanket....he even had a christmas stocking and knew which one was his and he would sit and stare at it from the time it went up to the time the goodies came out of it.  Well I joined the military and came home for leave after basic and he would not look at me, come near me...he barked at me.....even after that I would come visit and he would not even look at me...he became my dad's dog at that point- he did eventually come back to me when I did come home ......he lived to be 17 years old, my dad said everytime he was taking him to vet to put  to sleep ( he was ill) he could not do it and turned around and brought him home...well when he passed at home  I turned to my hubby (now we were living in another state at the time) I said oh my gosh my dog just died and he said well your mom would call if he did when the phone rang a few minutes later, it was my mom calling to tell me he had husband was speechless....He truly was my dog from the beginning....he was well loved and cared for, he will always be remembered....never again will I find a dog like him again.....He was a Cockapoo......

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POSTED BY: toughnut211 on Jul 24, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

That's good dog story.  My sister had a cockapoo.  She named him Dody, but we all called him Dodo--not the brightest dog that ever lived!  He was so funny.  Mom had an old washtub in the backyard for him.  He would get in it everyday--no matter how cold it was.  He learned to climb our walnut tree and get over the back fence.  He even taught the beagle!  They'd climb up the tree and jump down and get caught.  Mom would have to go rescue them.  All this time, Dad was lifting the beagle down from his truck because he thought it was too high for her to jump, and she was jumping 6 feet out of a walnut tree!


Pets are so wonderful--they don't care what you look like or how much money you have--they just love you.


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