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POSTED BY: toughnut211 on May 19, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

I adopted my dog Saturday.  Picked her up yesterday, after she was spayed.  It was one of those good day/bad day things.  I was so happy to get my dog.  To get to the pound to pick her up, I had to use dial-a-ride.  It's for people in wheelchairs, etc.  But since I am not registered with them, I couldn't reserve a ride.  I had to wait.  I waited 2 1/2 hours for them to pick me up at home.  Got my dog and all her paperwork and called for them to come pick me up and take me home.  I spent a total of 45 minutes on hold.  Then they told me they had NO IDEA when they could pick me up.  I have this little problem with anxiety and depression. . . .sure you are familiar with this!  Oh, forgot to mention--it's over 100 degrees ouside.  So, after my last contact with DIR, I decided me and dog would look for a bus.  About a 1/2 mile north, we found a bus stop.  I'm carrying my dog, who just had surgery, and her crate, and driving my powerchair.  Bus stop has no sidewalk.  Bus came.  Chair wouldn't go up ramp.Driver was wonderful--helped me on the bus, then got my chair on the bus.  Later, manager at wal-greens help me tie the crate to the back of my chair.  Carrying the dog, I headed for home.  She is my service animal--and she already helped me get through this.  She stayed calm and quiet and helped ME stay calm.  I came so close to losing it, but she licked my face and redirected my energy.  Good dog!


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POSTED BY: catrek on May 20, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

 I am so glad things worked out. Animals have an amazing way of helping us cope with our lives. Besides owning a few myself, I work as a Pet Nurse and I see hundreds of pets a week and the bond they form with their owners is so amazing. I hope you and your new companion all the best!

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POSTED BY: toughnut211 on May 20, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

Thank you so much.  We just went for our first "official" public outing.  We went to the Fresh & Easy Store next door!  Abby behaved beautifully  I worried so much about how she would learn to walk with my chair, and how she would act in public.  She's doing so well!  I'm amazed!  So is my DIL--she expected a cat-eating, home destroying monster of some kind!  So far, just cat-sniffing!


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POSTED BY: TerrifiedKitty on May 21, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

Glad you and dog are getting on and things are going well. :) 

Animals are amazing, I know mine help when i'm feeling low or anxious and i've worked with plenty of people who have animals to help them get around and get through life. Its incredible the support they give.

Take care


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