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POSTED BY: tulip on Aug 31, 2008 [ QUOTE ]

Introduce your pets here. :3

I have nine cats: Gizmo, Maddie, Sebastian, Milo, Schrodinger, Artemis, Ringo, Karma, and October.

Three dogs: Finny, a lab/collie mix; Boomer, a lab/golden retriever mix; and Motley, a boxer--all males.

And one very spoiled house rabbit, Fiver (or more often "demon" :P)

Many, many animals. But I live in the midst of farms and woods, and they're mostly outdoor pets. We only have two or three cats in at any one time. And the bunny has full reign over the house. Everyone mostly gets along, but they all have their feuds and favorites.

I really couldn't live without them. I have extreme social phobia, meaning zero human friends. So they fill the void and are always there to love and be loved. :)

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POSTED BY: Lunabee on Jun 21, 2008 [ QUOTE ]

This message was posted 11 days before my son was born (who is now 9 months old by the way lol)  Sorry for the delayed response!


I have 2 cats!  


1 Tabby and White cat (5 years) named Pixie and 1 Calico cat (3 years) named Luna! 

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POSTED BY: lamy on Aug 17, 2008 [ QUOTE ]

I have always had animals cats,dogs,rabbits,at the moment we have a 4 year old greyhound called Pepe ,we rescued him from Celias Greyhound rescue in Fife 15 months ago.He was very frightened when we first got him ,and his coat was not in a good condition.He is slowly finding his feet and is becoming quite a character,wanting to play,and bossing us about which is lovely to see .
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POSTED BY: Junlew on Aug 31, 2008 [ QUOTE ]

I have 1 dog (Woody), 1 cat (Sabrina)--

I have worked for a vet clinic for 10 years before I moved to Virginia, so you can say I love my animals. 


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POSTED BY: chelck on Jan 25, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

Most people consider me weird...or even disgusting, but I have five very intellegent and loving rats.


I also have three dogs and two cats. They're my world.

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POSTED BY: Ericisme on May 11, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

Baby, Sassy, and Big Black. (left to right)


Sassy and Baby laying on and next to me. xD

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