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POSTED BY: pixieflower on Dec 09, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

I just lost my first dog I ever owned today. She was 13 years and black and white and I never did find out what kind of dog she was. But her name was Allie May. She was the sweetest thing. Always wanted to lay by your feet and nudging under your hand to get you to pet her.

How can I just let go of all the memorys to stop crying. She died of cancer, she wasn't eating, she was shaking and kept throwing up. It happened so damn fast,  years flew by now that I truly think about it. I bought her on my 12th birthday cause she was all that I wanted and I saved and saved all year to get her. And I took her to 4h Training classes and learned so much.

My parent put her down for me today because I just couldn't look into eyes.....


Is there a doggie heaven? I hope so.... I want to see her again just to hold her in my arms and tell her I love her

I still have my dog Zais and now I feel like I have seperation anxiety already started with him.... It HURTS SO!

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