Be Constructive With Your Blues
cj Male
36 years old
los angeles, California
United States

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Job: Artist
Smoke: No
Drink: Socially
Religion: Other
Orientation: Straight
Dating status: Single
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2001; Raging Bull; the Godfather I and II; a Clockwork Orange; Persona; Crimes and Misdemeanors; Barry Lyndon; Apocolypse Now; Amadeus; The Elephant Man; Taxi Driver; All That Jazz; Brazil; The Pianist; The Seventh Seal; The Shining; Double Indemnity; Mulholland Drive; Jaws; Goodfellas; Nashville; City of God; Roshamon; This is Spinal Tap; Ed Wood; Aguirre, the Wrath of God; Annie Hall; Dekalog; M; Back to the Future; Synechdoche New York; There Will Be Blood; Sunset Boulevard; The Lady Eve; Irreversible; Dogville, Amores Perros; Perfume; Inland Empire; Inlgorious Basterds; The Thin Red Line, The New World;

The Beatles; Radiohead; Pink Floyd; Grandaddy; Queens of the Stoneage; Animal Collective; Beethoven; Led Zeppelin; Tchaikovsky; Super Furry Animals; Nirvana; The Clash; Nuetral Milk Hotel; Dick Dale; Bob Dylan; Outkast; Coldplay; The Strokes; Liars; Sigur Ros; Johnny Cash; David Bowie; Nine Inch Nails; Wolf Parade; Modest Mouse; Fiery Furnaces; Velvet Underground; Arcade Fire; My Bloody Valentine; Blur; Beck; Doves; Destroyer; Gorillaz; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Beach House; Grizzley Bear; Deerhunter; Slowdive; TV on the Radio; LCD Soundsystem; M.I.A; Panda Bear; Squarepusher; Wilco

Catch-22; Hamlet; Crime and Punishment; The Wasteland; Ulysses; Divine Comedy; anything on physics or philosophy

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Family Guy , Artists! + Photographers! , Dreams , Cafe Twin Peaks , Goals Gone Wild!!! , Poetry: Great & Small , Art Appreciation , South Park , Life Stories , Tag Your It!!!!!!!! , Music Therapy , 2009

I grew up somewhat shy, then in my late teens I became extremely outgoing (life of the party), and finally a few years ago devolved (?) into shy again, for whatever reasons, but this time more angst ridden.

I make movies, shorts, experimental videos, graphic art, and websites. I write, edit, direct, produce, animate and design.

I've done narrative stories, but right now am really into experimental video.

- Thoughtfulness
- My head and back rubbed and scratched, my arms tickled
- Cereal
- Driving a car, listening to music
- Getting lost in said car, finding new places to explore
- Open mindedness
-laying on the floor
- Orange sodium lamps that light trees and buildings at night
- Meditation
- the smell of strong perfume or cologne
- cuddling
- Generosity
- Eccentricity
- Random humor
- Standing in rain with temperatures in the 90's
- the way a new pair of socks feel

- Sushi
- the way an old pair of socks feels

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Film Production; Film Study; Graphic Design; Architecture; Urban Design; Basketball; Old Photography; Physics; Philosophy; Travel; History; Politics;

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From: Kirah
Jul 06 2015, 11:17 am
Happy birthday!


Aug 02 2014, 9:23 pm
Hey you :) yes i did.how are you?


Jul 20 2014, 2:50 pm
Meh...im doing alright today.have to work soon,but id much rather catch up on sleeep and stuff...if only


Jul 19 2014, 9:44 am
hope youre doing okay


Jul 06 2014, 10:49 am
Hey Happy Birthday!:)