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Drink: Socially
Religion: Not Religious
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zombieland, Fresh Meat, Housebound, the aforementioned Wyrmwood, I enjoyed interstellar, I do like comedies, sci fi, not a lot of drama (too many feelings)

really like baroque, also beethoven, chopin, satie and actually brahms. I think brahms is underrated. Modern, I like it all. every single bit. including rap.

but then, I don't consider rythm & blues to be music, more like strangulated caterwauling. Also I would be hard pressed to consider hip hop music. I would argue the point.

all of them. Except crap like twilight obviously. I mean, the lowest I am prepared to go is probably Harry Potter. they were actually (hides head in shame) a good read in the way Stephen king is a good read: it's all garbage but the conversations keep going so you keep reading. Otherwise I love terry pratchett and the reacher novels too.

Come from the antipodes so very plain talking, you may not like what I think, but at least I don't tell lies. And I will probably fail to hold back on what I think also. My anxiety attacks hit afterwards, not during. ;)

Nervous breakdown 5 years ago, surrounded by constant panic attacks for the year preceding and the 2 years following. Even last year I was wobbly: now I am becoming stable although still have my fragile moments.

Chocolate, money, zombie movies. "Wyrmwood" was my most recent fave. Slow zombies AND fast zombies! Wow. And drills, and circular saws, and armour and needles. Throw in a zombie powered pickup and you're away laughing.

I used to love playing the piano but have had to sell it to survive. Okay I will play guitar now, then. Can't play both together: the padding you get from a guitar kills your sensitivity with the piano. Now is clearly the time for guitar.

Lies: consider them acts of voluntary insanity. I don't think your brain is wired for almost parallel, nearly similar versions of the same event. I think you fry your synapses wid dat shiz. Hence my utter failure to even consider lying ever. And my enormous group of personal friends....

meh. study, tramping, gardening, reading, watching movies.

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Jul 30 2015, 11:14 pm
Hey Bridgie hi!
It sounds like things are for sure looking up for you and your kids.... furry and not furry :) It sounds like it's helped quite a lot to move back to the city. Although, yes I can imagine a person really DOESN'T have to have to much intelligence (as you were saying) to get paid more money. It's good that the positions you're working keep spurring you forward. That's important. How's your baby kitty that you left w/ your ex?
Myself... I've been taking baby steps. I figure once I've separated myself EMOTIONALLY from the guy I had told you about.... it'll be easier to do it PHYSICALLY when the time comes. I still have my name on a housing list that will take another couple of years or possibly a year and a half to have an opening. Although... I've also been thinking on the idea of going to Tyler and renting a room out of someones home so that I can be closer to my docs that are over there. So, I'm still making decisions about that part of it. I figure... things will just take time to fall into place.
The dogs and cats here are doing ok. It's kind of been the battle of the fleas and ticks so far. And HOW to keep them from rolling over on their backs and rubbing OFF their flea drops or licking them off of one another.
Changes are coming about kind of slow... but they ARE coming.


Jul 29 2015, 9:31 am
Hey Bridgie, Hi!
I'm doing pretty good and you're welcome for the post. I kind of think/thought each person may take that in their own way.
Anyway, how are you doing? :)


From: yudith
Jul 25 2015, 3:57 am
I lack of many vitamins :) and vitamin B might be one of them but my doctor refuses to do blood test he rather prescribe drugs :( i need to find someone that can listen to me inorder to get to the botton of all this. Right now i wish that the lack of vitamin b might lead to the cure of anxiety. I hear that the thyroid can make u feel this way too. But dont know :)


May 22 2015, 9:35 am
Thank you very much!


May 21 2015, 10:11 pm
Thanks for the birthday wish =)