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zombies, murder, mayhem. I like action, i like adventure. I have zero interest in drama or feelings type movies, i've had enough feelings to last a lifetime.

really liked jango unchained though, was last flick I saw. Quentin tarantino, blood and gore were superb. :D

anything and everything. really enjoying macklemore's thrift shop. total hoot.

terry pratchet and those reacher books. meaningless rubbish. I'm over the classics, waded through wuthering heights, vicar of wakefield, woman in white, etc etc etc in my youth and now I can't do it any more. gimme some light trash (no love scenes) and I'm good. Kids' adventure stories are great too. Kids books are underrated.

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had a nervous breakdown 5 years ago, after a life without a real identity of my own. or at least, not a consciously known identity of my own. Finding that now. Forging that now. Have been through severe GAD and severe major depressive disorder, the GAD I think lasted a year and was truly horrific. Every minute of every day in a severe panic attack. Coming out the other side now. Still have some wobbles and mental hiccups, the brain still freewheels a bit but the drugs keep the anxiety attacks at bay and i'm healing, at last, at long long last.

chocolate. and chocolate.

also I like chocolate. rather fond of chocolate too. did I mention chocolate?

absence of chocolate. chocolack. unchocolate. chocolate free zones, non-chocolaet, ex-chocolate and empty chocolate boxes. The Anti-chocolate.

Also used chocolate wrappers.

Surviving. I'd like to think I'll get back into the stuff I used to enjoy but have no real idea if I will or not. The future is wide open, innit. :p

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Jul 24 2014, 5:17 am
Appreciate your words of encouragement. ..on my blog


From: yudith
Jul 19 2014, 11:40 pm
The thing ia that i dont have time to goole anything. All i have time is to find my sources and write the paper :( and good luck with school. You will do well and get good grades. I love, love, love math.


From: delane
Jul 14 2014, 11:45 am
Bridgie, i appreciate the comments-i really do. i know i wear my feelings on my sleeves...and its been so hard for me, at times, to walk away. i just cannot sit by and watch this kinda crap w/o saying something---or doing something---no matter who's feelings it hurts. You tell me i'm 'family' and a dear 'friend'....why not ACT like it??? Why can't you get up out of the bed and do something for YOUR own family??? sorry......don't mean to rant......
Guess i'll just hang out, today...alone. Don't think i can really hang much, with people, right now. Just wanna beat myself up, even more.
Hope you have a great Monday, though!!! t/c of yourself!!!


Jul 09 2014, 8:18 am
Hey, thank you for the awesome reply! You made me not want to delete my account. I have a fear about posting all of my most personal stuff on the internet and you just made it worth it. Thank you!


From: yudith
Jun 30 2014, 2:28 am
Its okay friend and thank you im going to need lots of luck ;)