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zombies, murder, mayhem. I like action, i like adventure. I have zero interest in drama or feelings type movies, i've had enough feelings to last a lifetime.

really liked jango unchained though, was last flick I saw. Quentin tarantino, blood and gore were superb. :D

anything and everything. really enjoying macklemore's thrift shop. total hoot.

terry pratchet and those reacher books. meaningless rubbish. I'm over the classics, waded through wuthering heights, vicar of wakefield, woman in white, etc etc etc in my youth and now I can't do it any more. gimme some light trash (no love scenes) and I'm good. Kids' adventure stories are great too. Kids books are underrated.

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had a nervous breakdown 5 years ago, after a life without a real identity of my own. or at least, not a consciously known identity of my own. Finding that now. Forging that now. Have been through severe GAD and severe major depressive disorder, the GAD I think lasted a year and was truly horrific. Every minute of every day in a severe panic attack. Coming out the other side now. Still have some wobbles and mental hiccups, the brain still freewheels a bit but the drugs keep the anxiety attacks at bay and i'm healing, at last, at long long last.

chocolate. and chocolate.

also I like chocolate. rather fond of chocolate too. did I mention chocolate?

absence of chocolate. chocolack. unchocolate. chocolate free zones, non-chocolaet, ex-chocolate and empty chocolate boxes. The Anti-chocolate.

Also used chocolate wrappers.

Surviving. I'd like to think I'll get back into the stuff I used to enjoy but have no real idea if I will or not. The future is wide open, innit. :p

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Aug 30 2014, 8:57 pm
Hey Bridgie!
I was in a constant string of relationships from the time I was divorced up 'till 97 when I moved into my own apt. back home. From there, I spent MOST of my time, by myself. I still had a lot of relationships but nothing serious. I stayed in that place for the next 16 yrs. Up till 2012 when I moved down here to TX. And then, I wasn't really by myself, b/c I had my little dog and the cats I took care of. My son was being raised by his granny down here. So, there's that.


Aug 29 2014, 5:42 pm
Hey Bridgie,
Hi! :) You make a very good point. And I know exactly the kind you speak of, over here we just call them BULL sh*tTERS. That's what they do. Bull sh*t and manipulate ppl for their OWN gain. I've been through it, I can't count HOW MANY times myself. And it ALL seems to go hand in hand with various addictions these ppl have. And take for instance, if someone has been IN PRISON... it ONLY MAKES THEM WORSE! Because they HAVE TOO MUCH TIME to LEARN even MORE of it.

You're right too, to a point at least about ppl re-learning what they learned from their childhoods. Myself, I've let go of QUITE A LOT of what my folks taught me, but then, there was also SOME of it I hung onto. Which shape a LOT of the feelings I have today about a LOT of things.
So, maybe it just depends on the person? Not really sure. And I think maybe even the ppl they CHOOSE to associate with as an adult that makes a difference in HOW they act.


Aug 29 2014, 8:59 am
I'm not too sure about all of that article either. It was something that came up in my fb news feed. I found it interesting.

I have heard.. from a lady who was a nurse practitioner that I used to see that in some cases, for instance... the men who go around beating women down... will do that b/c they grew up watching their father's beat their mothers down. And in the case of one of my exes... not only was he a coke addict, but he was an abuser like that... b/c every chance he got... he beat on me. Well, his father did that SAME thing to his blood mother and his step mother. His father was also a drunk.
Then you take the case of Gary, the guy I'm around now... since I've moved down here... he and I have been in screaming/yelling matches.. different times.. for no reason... it seemed to me. He's mentioned that when his blood mother was alive... his father would do the SAME thing to her for little crap such as NOT having the dinner ready on time. Just STUPID sh*t.
And at that time... Gary was still growing up and saw all of that.
So I'm thinking... maybe there's at least SOMETHING...partially, to that statement. It's like... what kids GROW UP AROUND... they believe it's ok to act that way in adulthood, or even AS they're growing up. It depends on WHAT they've seen during their MOST impressionable years.

I've HEARD also... that a baby is born WITHOUT really knowing much of anything. And so YEAH, it's UP TO the PARENTS to INSTILL in them DECENCY and MORALITY. But, of course, the PARENT has to HAVE IT... IN THEMSELVES, first.


Aug 26 2014, 4:16 pm
Thanks again for your answering my blog. I appreciate it!
This site DOES seem to be quite quiet. I DON'T know WHY I didn't think of the anxiety itself being the reason. Didn't occur to me. So, I must thank you again for your input!
In my own opinion, your input is helpful in a lot of the areas I've read the blogs etc. from. It IS coming from an area that a LOT of us hadn't considered and gives a new way to take a look at the situation.


Aug 26 2014, 4:05 pm
So it seems then, that over here... the companies who came up with the e-cigs will do ANYTHING to make a buck. A true shame.