Should I give up?

By: maxsteal
Mood: Frustrated
Date: Apr 26, 2014
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I would really need some help on this matter. I been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for more than 2 years. I been seeing psychiatrist and also taking medications. I love sports very much. I was good and had a lot of great achievement in sports in my life until I started suffering from anxiety. After I got anxiety, I can't play sports well because my heart started pumping fast, feel like muscles around the heart getting tighten. Feeling like something grabbing my heart when I'm running. It makes me to stop and breath more in a relax situation. It's really a big downfall in my life. I was an athlete that was able to sprint and run for long distance but after I had this anxiety attack each time I run I having pain in my chest and very hard to breath. I feel really frustrated about it and I feel like giving up all my sports activities because I can't perform well as before I had this anxiety. Idon't know really is there any hope for me to recover and be able to perform well in my sports activities like before or not. I have been trying light exercise like jogging and walking. I also tried cardio workouts but still it's not improving. It's really hurtful to see all the achievement in the past I have but now I could'nt be the person I was before. It's like I can't get to something I love because of my anxiety and panic attacks. It's really devastating and depressing, I just wish I never had this anxiety attack at the first place. Wish I could go back to the life I live before without this disorder.


Apr 27 2014, 2:05 am
Thank you very much guys for your comments.

plep001 - But without the medication I feel sick. I feel the side effect without it like dizziness, muscle aching and bad headaches.

bridgie101 - True but the thing is before I had this anxiety I was performing well as an athlete and football player.

I'm fine. My life changed a lot ever since I started suffering from anxiety. I overcome most of it but when comes to sports, I still have to aching in the chest and difficulty in breathing. I feel like passing out if continue running even with the pain in the chest.

I'm feeling fine with the other things in my life just when it comes to sports I can perform well as before. I'm feeling good. Doing good in university and studies too.

omnicell - I'm seeing a psychiatrist. I told him everything. Even I went and did a stress test to ensure my heart is fine and it was fine.

I'm moving forward to but just when I play sports I having big problems that I can't a solution to overcome it.

Yes, true but I'm trying put a lot effort on recovering and help my breathing ability during I play sports. I even tried mediation, yoga, walking and jogging. Even try controlling my mind before I run but still when I run, the anxiety comes.


Apr 27 2014, 12:00 am
meds can stopo panic attacks but they will also slow u down physically as they have me. i used to be a top nz athlete


Apr 26 2014, 4:33 pm
Are you seeing a therapist about this... working through stuff!

I am a frustrated artist! The PTSD levels wont allow me to budge in one direction or another!

I work with allot of 12 step groups, I have a God I prey to that is greater then myself!

My goal is relationships and activities... and Im starting to move forward...

I have to be willing to do what ever it takes to attack this thing from different angles..

Im not responsible for my anxiety condition, I am responsible for the effort I put out for the recovery process...