NB: It takes time

By: omnicell
Mood: Other
Date: Mar 08, 2013
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Things will smooth out over this next year. My confidence will grow as my symptoms lessen. Still, many upheavals to experience. My condition is like a sun with solar flares shooting from its edges; one never knows when those flares are goin of!. This relates to the dissociative condition that one never knows when Im going to close down or act out. The goal is to let people know, let them understand my condition; when I will blow a fuse!. The art of communication is what I seek. Communicating adds knowledge to the receiver.

Its so hard to let someone in. I feel like I have nothing!, I mean, nothing to offer anyone. I feel like I would be a liability in there lives. However, although that is how I feel, I know feelings to not represent reality. Feelings represent something going on in my head and body. I do not need to worry about the outcome in realistic situations. I need to worry about never participating in my life because of fear. I am slowly learning the appreciation of going for it!


Being the victim is part of the problem.   Im learning or practicing forgiveness and looking at my part in things on paper until I am free of renting space in my head to those that do not need to be there.   I have to let go of all people.  Get them off the hook.  Let them pass.   I need a relationship with God.   I cannot afford to make people into my higher power. 



Mar 08 2013, 12:00 pm
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