Morning blog: In the middle

By: omnicell
Mood: Other
Date: Nov 19, 2012
Music: None

Im close;   I will start practicing real world chances,  first, planned out on paper..  How Im going to talk to people,  and in ways that I receive feedback... 

Ive noticed In my blogs of lately,  Im not talking dooms day.  Im not talking PTSD symptoms..   Im talking about real things in the real world..   Almost like mopping up after a battle.  Or, Im discussing small battles that need to be one,  yet the war that has raged on for years has been processed. 

I have to practice intelligent interaction;  start conversations with people,  keep present,  close the conversation and move to someone else.   This is a bitterly huge step.

I have DVDs on the approach stuff.   This is an interesting place to be.. 

Ive had forced interactive practice with many people.  However, I was so over taken and felt like I was drowning..  I have been reacting..  Ive had several girls through themselves on me... and Im learning to react...   Getting massive practice; general practice.. Now Im looking for more detailed practice... 

One cannot ask girls for dates if they cannot walk up to them and talk to them.  

A dissociative disorder destroys contact with people.   I am working diligently on reversing the unfortunate results of this disorder...   

My main reason for being on this site is therapeutic not social..   This is another lesser form of therapy...  This is therapeutic work outside the therapists office.   The 12 step system and meetings is therapeutic work outside the therapists office. 

Something about not being alone,  being in a group that is so important.  Im not on the edge,  I know other people are around.. I feel so safe being connected..   I am getting closer to learning how to reconnect...   Its a horribly brutal ordeal when dissociative disorder is involved...  

Anxiety walls cause isolation;  Im learning to work my way into a new way of thinking that will change this situation...