Just thinkin

By: cloftis86
Mood: Okay
Date: Feb 14, 2012
Music: None

I was just thinkin about how things are going. Up until a month ago, I hadn't had a panic attack since around 2007. My life was back to normal. I could do anything without worrying. I had beaten anxiety and I felt great. So what happened? Why did they start again? Why is my life going back to the same place it was all those years ago? Back then...I couldn't drive or be alone. I hated going to crowded places. This time, everything was going ok. I was having panic attacks but just trying to fix it. Guess what? I don't want to drive. It makes me shaky even thinking about it. I don't want to be alone. I can't let anxiety win...everytime I avoid something it's a point for anxiety. I know I can beat it. I did before. So why am I letting these things start again?? I'm ready for therapy. Maybe that will help me get my life back. It did the last time.


Feb 14 2012, 5:35 pm
I know there has to be something but I can't figure out what it is :( I'm hoping that we can figure it out in therapy. Nothing has changed recently. But there is def something!


Feb 14 2012, 2:34 pm
I know I need therapy. I remember how much it changed my life before. It was a great way to get things out and realize things that I was hiding. I loved it. I felt great everytime I left the building. That's why I'm so excited to go again. I know it will help. I'm trying to be patient and positive. I keep telling myself things will be ok. I have wrote little notes and stuff them places that I look. Like on the fridge I put one that says be positive. It helps when I see them :)