feeling lonely

By: anmelchior
Mood: Lonely
Date: Jul 30, 2009
Music: None

I've been alone mostly this whole summer, which started in May. My roomates are gone alot because of work, and I had an unfortunate series of events that resulted in the loss of two diff jobs.


i get lonely when im by myself and start to worry further. my anxiety has never stopped me from leaving the house, but i feel crazy if i have to stay in the house.

also i think i always try to link my worriing to something specific, and get confused when the anxiety remains after i take care of the problem. i guess i need to realize i just have anxiety and it is what it is, related to nothing but a medical problem


Jul 31 2009, 4:51 pm

 I understand too. Usually when my boyfriend leaves to go somewhere I start feeling panicky and I worry that the entire day is going ti be like that. Then I feel stupid for feeling like that, like a little kid who misses their mom or something. When I start to feel like that it usually helps to get out and do something, do anything. I like books so I usually go to Borders and get iced coffee or something. Its never good to just sit and stew in our own anxiety.


Jul 31 2009, 1:18 am

thanks, i did. i feel a lot more optimistic after getting out of the house


From: Dee123
Jul 30 2009, 11:05 pm

I say get out of the are over thinking.....

If getting out is not a problem....go play!

Yes you have anxiety......but stop thinking about it.

I hope you have a restful evening and a beautiful morning