'I'm quite harmless now you see.To you.And now nobody can hurt me on the inside. I have this trick- Anything you can do to me,I do to myself already. And, I hit harder than you ever could...'
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Harry Potter, Halloween Series (Michael Myers<3 and NOT the remake) Sweeney Todd, Eight Below, The unborn, The woman in black, Alice in wonderland,Friday the 13th, Anime movies (naruto, KHR, Etc..), All Tim Burton Movies (that man is amazing...<3), etc

Black Veil Brides, Breaking Benjamin ,Get Scared, my chemical romance,Dead Poetic, RED, Skillet,Sum 41, escape the fate, Thousand Foot Krutch, Bullet for my valentine, Suicide Silence, hollywood undead,Dead by April, 30 seconds to mars, three days grace, Nine Lashes, big bang, evanescence,Picture me broken,Rise against, we are the fallen,10 Years, D.R.U.G.S, Falling In Reverse; Lostprophets, Sixx:am, Misfits, linkin park, paramore,dead in April, Supercell, Koda Kumi, FLOW, Nico, Hawthrone heights, and..ALOT more...So if you want to know just ask me...

Harry Potter series, Uglies , Sweet blood, Edgar Allen Poe books, Fallen series, Nightshade series, etc. (list more later)

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Depression Support , Animal Lovers , Eating Disorders , Metal , Cutting,body image ,and more , Music Therapy , Members In Need , Sexual Abuse Survivors , WTF? , P-Traumatic Stress Disorder , Black Veil Brides fans , We're all mad here!

Hey...My name is Andrea.

I live in Orlando, Florida

I'm a pale girl with a lip-piercing and blue/black hair...I rather not describe or show what I look like...Part of my image dismorphia (sorry if I spelled that wrong..) I'm also a vegetarian..

Anyway...I mostly keep to myself, I don't really have any friends I can talk to, And my family doesn't help the situation.

I have Social Anxiety/Phobia, I'm diabetic, I have stomach ulcers from stress, Depression,PTSD, I get panic attack almost everyday...I'm also battling Anorexia and Bulimia as well as self-harming and Sometimes abuse my panic attack and pain medicine so I feel numb... I'm a mess mentally and physically..But I rather not go into details for that right now.

I love to be around animals, Drawing and writing. I'm also a 'music junkie', harry potter and doctor who are my addiction, also the walking dead.I live and breathe it just to find some escape.

I joined this site to hopefully be able to connect with people who have similar problems, and to actually be able to talk to someone about it, Not just some shrink who is paid to listen to these sh*tty problems.

I guess that's it for now...If you want to know more just send me a message?

All I know is..I feel like i'm fading further and further into the darkness, And the feeling has become so numb, Does anyone else feel like this

Also...I love o be with animals, Ever since I was in kindergarten I've wanted to become a Vet for my career, And I still plan to, I'm even in a Vet program at school..I find it so much easier to work with animals, Rather then people.

I do have a long time crush on a guy I know. but I know it's pointless so I don't know why I can't shake these feelings and move on because it will NEVER happen. I'm just an idiot I guess...never dated not even once.

Anyway...later I guess.

Black Veil Brides, Music (Mostly Rock,Metal/screamo), Animals, Harry Potter,Doctor Who, Writing, Drawing, Japanese Anime, Manga, Being alone,walking dead My dogs Snowball and Spicegirl (Spicegirl's twin Sugarboy sadly died

Being around alot of people, Being judged by people who don't know me, People who are cruel to animals,People who take disorder's and self-harming lightly and makes jokes about it, color pink, Pop music, MY SELF

...Will update later.

Writing, Drawing, Playing guitar (lead, bass, acoustic), Being with animals, Playing violin,Reading, writing...etc

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May 01 2016, 7:18 am
Ever heard of "baby metal?" It's a new metal genre based in Japan.

Parce que le japon. Lol.


Apr 29 2016, 6:39 am
Metal Italiano :D


Apr 18 2016, 6:54 pm
Sorry ive not been in touch for a while. not u its me. drinking. to nervous to go out and do anything with purpose or meaning. i hate where i live but i know im safe here. i see you've written alot in your bloggs. and im sorry i havent read any of them. some kinda f@ckin mental block i dont understand. Its like, if i say nothing i cant upset anyone. And boy could i upset alot of people right now. as always, you are in my thoughts x


Apr 09 2016, 6:07 pm
Hope you are ok. You know where i am
If im not available then leave a message


Apr 09 2016, 5:05 pm
Iron Maiden Flight 666 Full concert

Disterbed Overburdened

The Infection (The depression!!)