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Le Miserables, The Fifth element, Howl's moving castle, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, Grave of the firefly, Dark City, Hopscotch, Casablanca... ect..

Foo Fighters, Skillet, La Roux, The Piano Guys, Bon Jovi, Queen, Two Steps from Hell, Michael Buble, ect...

Harry potter, Artemis Fowl, The Post man, Tom Clancy, Narnia, The Mocking Bird, The Great Gatsby, The last Templar, Shakespeare's Collection, Sherlock Holmes, Almost any Raymond Chandler Book, Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Lord of the Flies...if you ask me about it I've probably either heard of it or read it.

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A college student going for an Engineering degree, I'm not doing that great and am starting to feel the pressure and slight depression from it. I love Dungeons and dragons but haven't really gotten a chance to get back into it. Making a blog (now and then) for the curious and welcome =D.

Building, developing, hanging with friends, web surfing, books, all music but rap, and movies with a complex meaning. Theater and theatrical preformances.

Rap music, movies with poor plot, anxiety, a lot of little things but eh.

I enjoy a good book, playing a game online, Dungeons and dragons, anime, manga, dancing and adventuring.

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May 20 2013, 5:45 am
Happy Birthday!:)


May 06 2013, 2:52 pm
hey it doesnt matter where your parents met..may it be arranged marriage or pen pals ..they survived the test of time.
It takes 2 to work for the relationship to go on.
Lets put this way it is written that your parents are meant to be.
To me sometimes even if you thought that lovers were for keeps but its not meant to be then its not meant to be.
as what I said..entre the world of love and explore.
btw cool page.
I like the FOO, I like Dave Grohl!
one of the songs that I like.


Jan 26 2013, 3:30 am
You are very welcome about the maggot idea, another good one is drill a hole in the top of the door and fill it with something really stinky like fish and then put a little bit of wood filler over the top, a couple of days later the smell starts and gets worse and worse and they can normally never find it hahaha, I'm not evil or anything but had a friend who wanted to get back at their horrible landlord so we had fun with that lol