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Hello. My Name is Kellie :)i Have a Big Heart. and Just Care to Much sometimes. Most of My Life iv Just Been so Closed, and Heres Me Changing that Bad Habbit.

From The Age of 8 i Watched My Mum Suffer with Schizophrenia. She was in and Out of Hospital, It Was a Really Hard Time,School was Really Hard Too. i Have Dyslexia So i Struggled, i Was Shy and Very quiet kid. so i Was Bullied.....
i Kept Myself to Myself So i Never Really Had Any Friends, When i Went onto Secondary School i Started to Come Out My Shell Abit, i Started Hanging Around With The Wrong Kind of People, They was The Kind of People That Just Dident Care About Anything, If They Got Into Trouble or Whatever, Hanging Around with Them i Changed a Hell of Alot, i Become More Confident,
i Just Stopped Turning Up To School. i Gave Up, They Gave me My Last Warning But i Said i Dont Care Anymore, So i Was Chucked out, and Had to go to a PRU (pupil referral unit) i found it so Much Better, It was 2Hours a day. and Only a Small Group of People. But Because i Had Missed So Much Lessons from My Other School i Could't Do Any exams to Get Grades...When i Left School
i Found it Really Hard, i Went To College But i Just Found it so Difficult, i Felt Out of Place.... Things Was Getting Bad at Home
My Brother Is Like 8/9 Years Older then me, and Hes Always had a Anger Problem But he Started Taking out His Anger on Me.
He Grabbed Me By The Neck, Kicked down My Door and All Kinds. to get Away From him, i Started Hanging Around on the Streets, Staying Out Untill Early Hours of The Morning. i Met Some Older Men, at First i Thought They was My Friends, They was Nice to Me, They Gave me Somewhere to Stay, and Looked after me. But i Found out The Hard way What was Really on there Minds. They Broke My Trust, and Then it Kept Happening Over and Over, They was Grooming Me. and Abusing me.
i Had Never Felt More Alone. After Letting This go On for a Couple of Years, i Just Then Locked Myself Away at Home, i Wanted to Go Back to College, But Because of The Way i Am i Just Could Not Settle in.
i Then Overdosed Twice. im Now On Antidepressants. Trying to Sort Out Myself and My life.
i Have Never had a Normal Relationship. When i was 12 Going on 13 i Was seeing a Man who was 30 Years Old. And He Sucked me into his world of Control. and Drugs, and Drink and Sexual Abuse. When i was 15, i Went out with a Man who was 28. and The Same Thing Happend. i Just Kept Getting Groomed and sucked into All This. Now Because of them, i Can Hardy Trust Anyone.. i Judge people Before i Know Them. But i Am Slowly Learning That People Arnt all Bad....

After Everything that has Happend, in a weird way. im Glad it Happend. Because i Never Used to Know What The World Was Really Like, and Now i Can Make a Change. and Make Awareness to Others.
im Not Going to Let The Past Bring me Down. im Going to Turn it into Something Positive. and i Just Hope i Can Help Others.

Please Visit My Website, http://lalasmile.webnode.com/
and Follow Me on Twitter, www.twitter.com/WeAreHere4Youu

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Jan 05 2013, 4:41 am
Just stopping by to say hi. Hope u r doing well. Hugs


From: Mo
Dec 15 2012, 3:09 am
thanks for the add, Happy Saturday/Mo


From: Mo
Dec 13 2012, 3:19 pm
Hang in there Kellie. I was diagnosed with bipolar over 25 years ago. I hope you don't have it. I hope you get the help you need and feel better soon.


Dec 13 2012, 12:02 am
Hope you are having a happy day today . :)


Dec 12 2012, 3:51 am
I think you need a big hug. Here is one. I am sorry for everything that happened to you.