Every day is a new beginning, even if it doesn't feel like it. Another chance another opportunity. If you've failed yesterday (literally or not), as long as you are alive, you'll have another opportunity to redeem yourself for yesterday's mistake or failure today!
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30 years old
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Job: Artist
Smoke: Socially
Drink: Socially
Religion: Prefer not disclose
Orientation: Straight
Dating status: Single
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Almost any genre with an intense plot and legendary appeal (classics). But my pastime is "Horror" all the way baby!

I can almost vibe to anything except for some country and that hillbilly bluegrass crap!

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Like science-fiction, horror novels. Not much into biographies, but I can read those once in a blue. I especially like books that have a self-help philosophy to them.

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Social Anxiety , Members In Need

I am an artist at heart, been so every since I was 6 yrs old. Graduated art college with a 4 yr degree in 2008. I work security to pay the bills and periodically have done some freelance work. I am not necessarily a shy person but I can't shake a perceived fear in my gut whenever I go out in public. I guess that qualifies as social anxiety

Generous, Trustworthy, Honest, Fun-loving people. Also those who are empathetic and approachable

Liars and Hypocrites, and those who are quick to judge you who also are probably struggling with the same or similar issues themselves.

TV, reality shows tend to pull me in every now and then (first two seasons of any usually tend to be the best), videogames, exercise, basketball, art occasionally, and come on guys let's keep it real, porn is an entertaining thing to browse or look at in your down time!

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Jul 29 2014, 11:09 pm
HI G -

things have not been so good im expereiencing high levels of anxiety a couple of weeks ago i had a viral infection. i think tht has triggered more anxiety for me. plus the fact my mums dementia we are doing almost everything for her me and my dad and that has me worried also.



From: Kirah
Jul 23 2014, 11:03 pm
I totally agree with your answer on that blog. It's really hard to beat it. Even managing it is so exhausting.


From: yudith
Jul 09 2014, 7:45 pm
Im sorry ur injured i hope u get to feel better soon so u can go back to your activities.
Thank you for commenting on my blog. You see due to my anxiety and panic attacks i havent been able to drive in years so i dont go out much. Much of the activities i like to do, i can do them at home. I dont get to interact with peiple that much.


From: yudith
Jun 16 2014, 4:55 pm
Im a nurae assistant and i work in a hospital. I complain too much but i do nothing all night :)


May 23 2014, 2:16 pm
Haha I guess so, and I am doing alright everything on my end has been alright as well.