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From: calm49
Mar 12 2013, 7:34 pm
I fine if i take Valerian Root ,Before bed helps,It Natural cheap will not make you feel Droogy in the Morning,It Helps relieve anxiety, Insomey and can reduce Blool Pressure,And help you fall back to sleep after bad dreams. its work like Chamile Tea but Stronger,This puyt in your tea or Swallow it the smells strong,That were the name comes from .It Ancient Greek Latin for Strong Oder but it works.
I been feelinhg like having a Set back or not Maybe my new Hours feel alone i n the morning even though i ben workin h=g this new job for 5months now!!!! Maybe because i turn 50 !!!!
Not sure. Rember donot fight the anxirety it only a Panic attack.You had them before this let it float.
rember your Training Beathe. talk to your self throw it. Get angry at anxiety.
Be in control of it


Jan 31 2013, 6:52 pm
thats great!! nice to see someone on here from hometown!! :)


From: calm49
Dec 07 2012, 12:18 pm
Cant find your Comments
calm ?????


From: calm49
Dec 07 2012, 12:05 pm
Will i am grateful iam getting my Apartment another lease we almost lost it. verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy close ,But now i have i have a new job and still on Probation. Using my Training and preyer and Medition ,And Positive Thinking. But iam Excercising helps. I want to buy some more 5htp but have to wait .9 $ a bottle.Took some Valerian root last night it goood Natural no grggy ness .And get were you get Vitimins. Practice my Breathing.Iam litle nervous iam on part ime Hours and have not work since Monday so it like my first day.Iam off sat .I plan to go out i need to hit that dance floor.Burn off this risude Anxiety.I meet awomen the other day.She ask if i know how to Spell Anxiety!!! she was at the Job Center.She having Panic Attacks as well told her to join Anxiety tribe. For help with your Attacks my therpist gave mr Coping sheet it help me with my Gad,When it happens tell your self it only anxiety. it cant hurt me .It happen before, THIS LET IT DO IT THING. Breathe the more you fight the more itget worse it help if you can stand in the sunlight ,It help me I was lucky because were i use to work i had Acesss to open Shop Door.My sister is going to be release from the Hosipal she had Server Depreesion. What make me Angry is her Kids i try telling them .I went thru this it not Skipta frany like my Nice thought i told her she has signs of Anxiety.I wonder if her Meds made her More suicdal????? Now they got her on Prozack.


From: calm49
Dec 04 2012, 4:10 pm
Hello faded how are you .People keep giving comments but cant seem to find them are you having the same proplem